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Calvin’s Institutes in a Nutshell

The other day I stumbled across a great feature of the Henry Beveridge translation of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion in my Logos library. At the end of the book, Beveridge includes One Hundred Aphorisms, containing, within a narrow compass, the substance and order of the four books of the Institutes of the Christian Religion, by Rev. William Pringle. Essentially, Pringle has boiled down the four books of Institutes into 100 bullet points. And these are simply “light” observations. Pringle really brings out the depth of the various sections he references from Institutes. For example, here is what Pringle has to say about Calvin’s section on self-denial:

50. The sum of the Christian life is denial of ourselves.

51. The ends of this self-denial are four. 1. That we may devote ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. 2. That we may not seek our own things, but those which belong to God and to our neighbour. 3. That we may patiently bear the cross, the fruits of which are—acknowledgment of our weakness, the trial of our patience, correction of faults, more earnest prayer, more cheerful meditation on eternal life. 4. That we may know in what manner we ought to use the present life and its aids, for necessity and delight. Necessity demands that we possess all things as though we possessed them not; that we bear poverty with mildness, and abundance with moderation; that we know how to endure patiently fulness, and hunger, and want; that we pay regard to our neighbour, because we must give account of our stewardship; and that all things correspond to our calling. The delight of praising the kindness of God ought to be with us a stronger argument.

1 John Calvin and Henry Beveridge, Institutes of the Christian Religion (Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 2010), 566-67.

Having this resource will certainly help anyone looking to see the bird’s eye view of Institutes, or refresh and review the essence of Calvin’s work.

Calvin 500 Collection Now Available

In case you missed the big news, the Calvin 500 collection is now available. This collection is the largest collection of Calvin material available in the English-speaking world! This massive collection contains:

  • 46 volumes of commentaries
  • 9 volumes of the Institutes of the Christian Religion, including the original 1559 Latin edition and the rare Norton translation
  • 4 volumes of Calvin’s letters and correspondence
  • 35 theological tracts and treatises in 8 volumes
  • 10 biographies of Calvin
  • 31 volumes of secondary literature on the history of Calvinism

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Logos Bible Software Launches Logos 4

Logos Bible Software today announced the release of the newest version of Logos Bible Software, Logos 4. Three years in development, Logos 4 is not simply an upgrade to the previous version of Logos, this is a complete re-imagining of what Bible study software ought to be. It is streamlined, powerful, and uncomplicated—it is the perfect tool for everyone from the seasoned scholar to the man or woman simply wanting to get more from his or her time in God’s word.

With far too many upgrades, features, and resources to cover in a single post, you can visit to see what Logos 4 can do to take your study of the Bible to the next level.

John Calvin’s 500th Birthday

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin (July 10, 1509 – May 27, 1564). Calvin is one of the church’s greatest theologians, and Calvinism one of the Western world’s most influential intellectual movements. Calvin was a theologian, pastor, biblical exegete, and tireless apologist for Reformed Christianity.

To celebrate, Logos Bible Software is giving away The Institutes of the Christian Religion, the work for which Calvin is best known. Calvin wrote The Institutes as a theological introduction to the Bible and a vindication of the principles of the Reformation. For nearly five centuries, The Institutes has remained a classic Protestant text and a monumental work of theology. For a short time, you can get The Institutes for free!

To download your free copy of The Institutes, simply follow the instructions on today’s post on the Logos Bible Software blog.

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As you may know, part of our site is devoted to the amazing Calvin collections available from Logos Bible Software. If you’re not a Logos user and have been thinking about buying a base package, we have some great news! Use the coupon code CALVIN500 at checkout and you’ll receive a 15% discount on any of our base package. This is a great deal, so don’t miss out (and be sure to tell your friends).

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19 Other Calvin Titles

Did you know that Logos Bible Software already has 19 other titles by or about Calvin and Calvinism available for purchase or pre-order? I just posted a new page of other Calvin titles. There are 9 titles authored by Calvin (i.e., his volumes in the Crossway Classic Commentaries series and the Beveridge translation of his Institutes) and 10 titles about Calvin and Calvinism (by authors like Warfield, Bavinck, Kuyper, Van Til, Piper, Shedd, Boettner, and others). Be sure to check it out.

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