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Logos Bible Software is pleased to offer seven new collections of works by and about the great John Calvin in honor of his 500th birthday.

If you’re a current Logos user familiar with our Pre-Pub system, click the links above to explore these new collections. If you’re new to Logos and aren’t sure how the Pre-Pub program works, read on.

New to Logos?

Imagine being able to search through all 108 books in the Calvin 500 Collection in mere seconds. Imagine being able to find every instance that John Calvin referenced a specific Bible verse in his Tracks & Treatises. Imagine being able to instantly pull up lexicon entries for Greek and Hebrew word that Calvin uses in his Commentaries. This is the power of Logos Bible Software!

When buying titles in the Logos Bible Software format you are getting far more than just PDF versions of the text. When you buy a Logos title, you are purchasing a title that is built specifically for Logos Bible Software. This means that every word, from every book, has been indexed and cataloged to help you search the depth and breadth of every title in your library. Along with this, your title will also integrate into custom search reports, passage guides, exegetical guides, and many of the other functions that Logos Bible Software offers.

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While you can certainly run any of the collections listed on Calvin500.com as stand alone products, these titles are far more useful when coupled with a Logos Desktop base package. Logos Bible Software offers several base collections that allow everyone, from the layperson to the PhD scholar, to dig deep into God’s word with a wealth of study resources.

If you do not currently own a base package, we’d like to offer you a special 15% discount on your base package purchase. At checkout, simply use the coupon code CALVIN500.

What Is Pre-Pub?

The collections on Calvin500.com are all available as part of Logos’ Pre-Pub system. The Pre-Pub system is essentially a pre-ordering system that allows Logos users the chance to get substantial savings on titles by placing their order before the title has been produced. This system ensures that there is enough interest in a product prior to production and helps Logos to be a good steward of its time and resources. Below are several frequently asked questions regarding our pre-pub system:

Q. Will my credit card be charged when I place my Pre-Pub order?
A. Your credit card will not be charged until the product has completed production and is shipping.

Q. How long after I place my order will it take for the title to finish production and ship?
A. Every title is different, so we can’t give you an exact date. The first step is for the title to move from Pre-Pub to production. This is done when enough orders have been made to cover production costs. Depending on the popularity of a title this can take a little as a few days. Once a title moves to production the time until shipping is dependent on numerous factors. Obviously, smaller titles and collections can be produced in shorter amounts of time while larger collections can take a few months.

Q. Should I just wait until it looks like the title is going to production before I place my pre-order?
A. The earlier you order, the more you save. Pre-Pub prices go up as we get closer to production—sometimes dramatically. The Pre-Pub price today is the lowest price you’ll ever pay—so order now!

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