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Calvin 500 Collection

John Calvin is one of the church’s greatest theologians, and Calvinism one of the Western world’s most influential intellectual movements. Calvin was a theologian, pastor, biblical exegete, and tireless apologist for Reformed Christianity. His theological works, biblical commentaries, tracts, treatises, and letters helped establish the Reformation as a legitimate and thriving religious movement throughout Europe and the world.

To celebrate John Calvin’s 500th birthday in 2009, Logos Bible Software has assembled the John Calvin 500 Collection. At 108 volumes, the John Calvin 500 Collection is the largest collection of Calvin material available in the English-speaking world!

This massive collection contains all of Calvin’s commentaries, five editions of the Institutes in three languages, four volumes of letters and correspondence, dozens of tracts and treatises, ten bibliographies, and twenty volumes of secondary literature on the history and influence of Calvinism. In short, this is the definitive collection of Calvin material.

No theologian has been as acclaimed or assailed as much as Calvin. Calvinism has spawned movements and sparked controversy throughout the centuries. Wars have been fought both to defend and destroy it, and its later proponents began political and theological revolutions in Western Europe and America. The breadth and depth of the engagement with Calvin’s works since they first appeared four centuries ago—and their continuous publication since then—testifies to Calvin’s importance and lasting value for the church today. Thinking Christians from the twenty-first century who ignore Calvin’s writings do so at their own peril.

What’s more, the Logos Bible Software edition contains extensive linking and tagging—with links directly to other books and articles in your digital library (that you own). All Scripture references display the verse on mouseover, and each reference is linked to both original languages texts of the Bible along with your preferred English translation. The advanced search tools, passage guides and reports, and other tools in your digital library make this massive collection of Calvin material from Logos Bible Software the preeminent edition for historical study, theological research, and comparative analysis!

Key Features Included

  • Three English translations of Calvin’s Institutes—including the rare Norton translation—plus the Latin and French editions
  • Complete set of Calvin’s Commentaries
  • Four volumes of letters and correspondence
  • Dozens of tracts and treatises
  • Ten bibliographies of Calvin’s life and work
  • Twenty volumes of secondary literature on the history and influence of Calvinism
  • Advanced search tools for research and study
  • Scripture references appear on mouseover, and are directly linked to original language texts and English translations in your library

Electronic Titles Included

The Calvin 500 Collection includes everything from the other six Calvin collections—at 50% off the price of buying all of those pieces individually! You’ll get all of the contents included in:

Do you already own Calvin’s Commentaries? Then the Calvin 500 Upgrade Collection is for you. It gives you only the new content you don’t already own at an even lower price!

Additional Information

  • Title: Calvin 500 Collection
  • 108 volumes
  • ≈ 40,000 pages

Are we missing anything? If you know of a title that belongs in this collection, contact us or leave a comment below and let us know. We may add additional content based on your feedback.

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