Calvin and the History of the Calvinism Collection (31 Vols.) assembles some of the most important secondary literature published in the area of Reformation history and theology and the history of Calvinist thought in faith and culture. The expositional skill and theological organization of John Calvin led to a transforming movement beginning with the transformation of the individual and enveloping the role of a society. With these volumes you will be able to step into history and follow the birth of Calvin’s thought to the formation of Geneva, study the trial and execution of Michael Servetus, trace the growth and expansion of Calvinism from Geneva through Europe and into the Americas, and survey Calvinism as a theological system.

Included in this collection are a number of essays commemorating the 400th birthday of John Calvin. These essays were delivered to the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church and to Union Theological Seminary and address the staying power of Calvin’s thought and the theological fortitude of the system birthed from his life and work. The addresses are vital to understanding the role of Calvinism—particularly American Calvinism—throughout the nineteenth century and the perception of Calvinism at the dawn of the twentieth century.

The volumes in this collection will be welcomed companions for academics, pastors, students, and anyone interested in Calvinism as a formative movement in history. What’s more, with the Logos edition of these classic works you have easy access to your preferred Scripture versions and other pertinent books and articles on Calvin and Calvinism. All Scripture references display the verse on mouse over, and each reference is linked to the original language texts of the Bible and the English translations in your digital library.

Key Features Included

  • Fifteen essays commemorating Calvin’s 400th birthday
  • Studies on the history of Calvinism in Europe and America
  • Articulation of the key tenants of Calvinism
  • Integration with Scripture references and the resources in your digital library

Electronic Titles Included

  • Calvin and Servetus: The Reformer’s Share in the Trial of Michael Servetus, by W.K. Tweedie
  • Calvin and the Swiss Reformation, by John Scott
  • Calvin on Scripture and Divine Sovereignty, by John Murray
  • Calvin: Memorial Addresses, by B.B. Warfield, et al.
  • Calvinism in History, by Nathaniel S. McFetridge
  • Calvin’s Doctrine of Predestination, by Fred Klooster
  • Calvinism and Modern Thought, by Francis Robert Beattie
  • Calvin’s Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament, by Ronald S. Wallace
  • John Calvin and the Influence of Protestantism on National Life and Character, by Alfred Thomas Davies
  • John Calvin: A Study in French Humanism, by Quirinus Breen
  • Servetus and Calvin: A Study of an Important Epoch in the Early History of the Reformation, by Robert Willis
  • The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented, by David N. Steele and Curtis C. Thomas
  • The Five Points of Calvinism, by Robert Lewis Dabney
  • The Theology of Calvin, by Wilhelm Niesel, trans. Harold Knight
  • The True Scripture Doctrine Concerning Some Important Points of Christian Faith, by Jonathan Dickinson
  • Three Addresses Delivered By Professors in Union Theological Seminary in Commemoration of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of John Calvin, by William Walker Rockwell, William Adams Brown, and Thomas Cuming Hall
  • A Tragedy of the Reformation, by David Cuthbertson
  • Calvin and the Reformation, by James MacKinnon
  • Church and State in Luther and Calvin: A Comparative Study, by William A. Mueller
  • What Calvinism Has Done for America, by John Clover Monsma
  • Calvin and His Enemies: A Memoir of the Life, Character, and Principles of Calvin, by Thomas Smyth
  • John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching and His Influence, by William Wileman
  • A Defence of Modern Calvinism, by Edward Williams
  • Calvinism: An Address Delivered at St. Andrew’s, by James Anthony Froude
  • Calvinism Popularized, by H.A. Long
  • Arminianism v. Hyper-Calvinism, by Philip Pugh
  • John Calvin and the Genevan Reformation: A Sketch, by Thomas Cary Johnson
  • What Is Calvinism?: Or, The Confession of Faith, in Harmony with the Bible and Common Sense, by William D. Smith
  • College Days of Calvin, by William M. Blackburn
  • The Essential Calvinism, by J. Selden Strong
  • John Calvin: The Man and His Work, by C.H. Irwin

Additional Information

  • Title: Calvin and the History of Calvinism Collection
  • Author: John Calvin
  • 31 volumes
  • 6,065 pages


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