John Calvin, most known for his undeniable role in the Reformation, is a pivotal figure in the history of the Church. Calvin’s depth of character, morality and convictions are revealed in the Logos John Calvin Biography Collection (10 vols.).

The authors, through exhaustive study and conscientious attention to detail, provide insight into the man behind the legend and beyond the controversies of his life. The authors strive for objectivity and rely on credible historic sources, but most importantly the words of Calvin himself from his various Letters and works over the years. From broad strokes of Calvin’s character to minute intricacies of his relationships, this collection will paint a clear and vivid picture of John Calvin—as reformer, teacher, preacher, friend, statesman, and above all, devoted follower of Christ.

The Logos Bible Software edition of John Calvin’s Biographies contains links directly to Scripture and other books and articles in your digital library. All Scripture references display the verse on mouse over, and each reference is linked to the original language texts of the Bible and the English translations in your digital library.

Key Features Included

  • Historical records of Calvin’s life, work and legacy
  • In-depth study of his influences and circumstances that helped shape his theology and deep convictions
  • Photos and illustrations of key places in Calvin’s life add interest and setting
  • Logos edition provides integrated access to Scripture references, instantly linking to English and original text versions of the Bible

Electronic Titles Included

  • Dyer, Thomas H. The Life of John Calvin. Harper & Bros., 1855. 458 pp.
  • M’Crie, Thomas. The Early Years of John Calvin. Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1880. 197 pp.
  • Stevenson, Richard Taylor. John Calvin: The Statesman. Cincinnati: Jennings and Graham, 1907. 203 pp.
  • Reyburn, Hugh Y. John Calvin: His Life, Letters, and Work. Hodder and Stoughton, 1914. 376 pp.
  • Waterman, Elijah. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of John Calvin. Hartford: Hale & Hosmer, 1813. 440 pp.
  • Henry, Paul Emil. The Life and Times of John Calvin, the Great Reformer. 2 vols. Translated by Henry Stebbing. New York: R. Carter & Brothers, 1851. 972 pp.
  • Henderson, Henry F. Calvin in His Letters. J. M. Dent, 1909. 127 pp.
  • Vollmer, Philip, with James Isaac Good, William Henry Roberts. John Calvin: Theologian, Preacher, Educator, Statesman. Philadelphia: Heidelberg Press, 1909. 218 pp.
  • Walker, Williston. John Calvin: The Organizer of the Protestant Reformation. New York: Putnam’s Sons, 1906. 456 pp.

Additional Information

  • Title: John Calvin Biography Collection (10 Vols.)
  • 10 volumes
  • 3,447 pages

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