Calvin's Institutes

John Calvin ranks high on the short list of the church’s most important thinkers, and The Institutes of the Christian Religion has consistently remained the central text of Reformed Christianity. As one of the most influential works in the Western canon, Calvin’s Institutes has enjoyed a prominent place on the reading lists of theological students and scholars around the world, and has left its mark in the fields of theology, philosophy, social thought, and legal theory. First published in 1536, Calvin’s Institutes became an instant best-seller, and has been republished and translated nearly 100 times in dozens of languages.

For nearly five centuries, The Institutes of the Christian Religion has remained a classic Protestant text and a monumental work of theology. It is written to introduce readers to the Christian faith—based on God’s Word—and to sustain and encourage Reformed Christians during persecution. More than anything else, the Institutes is characterized by the dominant theme of God’s sovereignty. It is divided into four books: the first three on the knowledge of God the creator, the knowledge of God the redeemer, and the ways in which we receive the grace of God by the Spirit. The final book describes the church. Along the way, Calvin writes on the authority of Scripture, election, the marks of the church, prayer, Christian liberty, the sacraments, civil government, and countless other topics, which—as a whole—make up what today is recognized as Calvinism.

Logos is pleased to offer Calvin’s 1559 Latin edition and his 1561 French edition—reprinted in 1888 in Paris—along with three English translations: the 1574 Norton translation, the 1816 Allen translation, and the 1845 Beveridge translation.

Benefits of the Logos Bible Software Edition

It would be interesting to compare the texts of several English translations, with a view to discovering how far the later translations are really independent of the earlier, and which represent the original most faithfully, clearly, and happily.
—B. B. Warfield, Calvin and Calvinism, vol. 5 of The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield

As B. B. Warfield noted more than a century ago, the value of having multiple editions and translations of Calvin’s Institutes in an easy-to-use side-by-side format is enormous. Now, Logos is giving you the tools to do just that.

With the Logos edition, you can instantly compare the Latin and French editions of the Institutes with the English translations, and your digital library lets you compare the English translations to one another. Logos Bible Software gives you time-saving tools, allowing scholars, historians, and theologian the ability to perform advanced comparative work instantly and accurately. These advanced tools put comparative study of Calvin’s Institutes within reach of interested laypersons for the first time ever. Never before have so many editions of Calvin’s Institutes been so accessible for research and study!

What’s more, the Logos Bible Software edition contains extensive linking and tagging—with links directly to other books and articles in your digital library (that you own). All Scripture references display the verse on mouseover, and each reference is linked to both original languages texts of the Bible along with your preferred English translation. The advanced search tools, passage guides and reports, and other tools in your digital library make The Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin: English, Latin, and French (9 Vols.) from Logos Bible Software the preeminent edition for historical study, theological research, and comparative analysis!

Key Features Included

  • Three English translations of Calvin’s Institutes, plus the Latin and French editions
  • Side-by-side readability in your digital library for comparative analysis
  • Scripture references appear on mouseover, and are directly linked to original language texts and English translations in your library

Electronic Titles Included

  • Institutes of the Christian Religion. 3 vols. Translated by Henry Beveridge. Edinburgh: Calvin Translation Society, 1845. 542 pp. 630 pp. 662 pp.
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion. 3 vols. Translated by John Allen. New Haven: Hezekiah Howe, 1816. 573 pp. 508 pp. 560 pp.
  • The Institution of the Christian Religion. Translated by Thomas Norton. London: Reginalde Wolffe, 1574. 1196 pp.
  • Institution de la Religion Chrétienne. Paris: Genéve, 1888. 754 pp. [1560 French ed.]
  • Institutio Christianae Religionis. Genevæ, 1559. 564 pp.

Additional Information

  • Title: The Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin: English, Latin, and French
  • Author: John Calvin
  • 9 volumes
  • 5,989 pages

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