This collection contains the 4-volume Letters of John Calvin, containing 600 letters written between 1528 and 1564. His first letters were written as he studied in Paris; the last letter was written from his deathbed. In between, we find letters to other Reformers such as Martin Luther and John Knox, as well as letters to kings and government authorities. B. B. Warfield rightly called Calvin “the great letter-writer of the Reformation age.”

What’s more, the Logos edition of the John Calvin Letters Collection contains extensive tagging and linking. All Scripture references display the verse on mouseover, and each reference is linked to the original language texts and English Bible translations in your library. With Logos, you can also perform advanced searches—searching Calvin’s letters and sermons by passage or topic. That makes the Logos edition of the John Calvin Sermons and Letters Collection ideal for historians, theologians, and Calvin scholars.

Key Features Included

  • More than 600 pieces of correspondence written by John Calvin between 1528 and 1564
  • Appendix to Calvin’s letters
  • All Scripture references linked to original language texts and English Bible translations

Electronic Titles Included

  • Letters of John Calvin. 4 vols. Edited by Juled Bonnet. Translated by D. Constable and Marcus Robert Gilchrist. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1858. 482 pp. 454 pp. ≈475 pp. 467 pp.

Additional Information

  • Title: John Calvin Letters Collection
  • Author: John Calvin
  • 4 volumes
  • ≈1,900 pages


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