Loving Your Enemies

Even though Geneva banished Calvin, Calvin still held the city close in his heart. His care for its people, for the truth of the Gospel, ran so deep that he even fought for its faith while in exile.

“Not long after this unjust banishment, Calvin extinguished a greater evil, which would probably have been attended with the worst consequences, had not this illustrious exile applied a prompt remedy to it. Jacques Sadolet, Bishop of Carpentras, was a man of considerable eloquence, which he employed only to oppose the truth. His morals being regular, the pope made him a cardinal, with a view to give a currency to the false doctrine taught in his church. The cardinal, seeing that the people of Geneva were deprived of such excellent pastors, thought this a favourable opportunity to attract them to the Romish religion, with which view he wrote a long letter wherein he employed all his address and talents to over-throw the reformed religion, and to establish his own. There was at this time no person in the town capable of answering him, and if this letter had been written in French, it is probable that it would have created considerable disturbances amongst a people so much divided and so ill disposed as they were at this time. But Calvin, forgetting all the injuries which he had sustained, evinced that the love which he had professed for that church was not diminished; and answered the cardinal with so much eloquence and spirit, that he abandoned his project entirely.”

Theodore Beza and John Mackenzie, Memoirs of the Life and Writings of John Calvin (Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 2009), 46–47.

One Response to “Loving Your Enemies”

  1. David J Cadenhead October 30, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Great post. I am not nearly as far along as you are, (evidently), however am in your dust, headed to class, (an hour) (Seminary, Metro Atlanta). Absolutely delightful subject. Enjoyed the daylights out of having it show up in my email. Am currently perusing the Institutes for pleasure, astounded that J.Calvin lived so many years ago, yet wrote with such forceful rectitude and applicability to my daily life now. Proud to be able to say that I am familiar with a man of his stature, and yours. Keep it up, brother, and my Blessed Wishes to you and your family.

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